Month: February 2022

KiwiKids News Article

Snowboarder Zoi Sadowski-Synnott wins New Zealand’s first-ever gold

New Zealand has won their first ever winter Olympic gold medal, with snowboarder Zoi Sadowski-Synnott claiming gold in the women’s snowboard slopestyle event. She went into the Olympics as the defending world champion and made an emphatic start in her opening ride at the Genting Snow Park. The New Zealander took the early lead with a score of 84.51 on her first run, but was overtaken by Marino who scored 87.68 on her second run, before Sadowski-Synnott won the gold with her final run. Coady took bronze with a score of 84.15 from her final run.


Writing Challenge

My Planning

For my six sentences I’m going to make them about Mr Goodwin making a lawsuit about how tiktok should be banned in Samoa. It will go on the news in Samoa and all over the world. 


My Writing

BREAKING NEWS a man named Mr Goodwin is putting a lawsuit against people making   tiktoks in Samoa. The people are very shocked and say that his behaviour is sour and bitter. Back to Mr Goodwin explaining why he has decided to make this lawsuit. “ I think that their content on tiktok has been a little too exuberant and needs to be taken down”. A boy, by the name of Nickolas James  has been staying in Samoa for the last 2 months and says that Mr Goodwin should drop the lawsuit against making tiktok unavailable in Samoa and says that the lawsuit is unnecessary.


Photos and words that my  writing is based off

In our writing challenge we had to use the words



– ”  ”


And here are the photos we had to included in our writing challenge

Lilimay Explanation Essay/My Dream House

Your Dream Home

T TitleWhat you will be explaining
I IntroductionTell your audience what the topic is about and what is to be explained.
I Information – Explain the elements or steps in a logical sequence
C Conclusion – Final summarizing statement, an evaluation or comment about what you have explained.


Most people can imagine a dream home. What would yours be? Big or small? In the country or in the city? How many floors? Would it be underground or up in a tree? As a young person, write an essay describing your dream home to a parent or guardian.


My Planing:

For my dream house I would want it to be in a private area with alot of nature surrounding my house. I would also want my dream house to have a gaming room, a garage , 2 kitchens and a basement.


My introduction 

My Dream house is located in a private area in New York. 

My house is very clean and spacious. I have 2 rooms that are full with nature and plants along with a few other special rooms which are used for other stuff


My writing 


For my dream house I would want it to have a massive bedroom. In my giant bedroom It would have LED lights, a ginormous TV and my very own desk with a computer, and a bookshelf full of my favorite books. Since my bookshelf is full of my favorite books, my top favorite series of books right now would be Dune.  I would even get my very own bathroom that has a hot tub. My bathroom would have a light up mirror, a 2 head sink along with a hot tub and a shower.  


One of my other rooms would lead to the outside area which has a mini house full of crops such as potatoes,tomatoes,cucumbers and carrots. On the outside of my mini garden house there would be fruit trees, a waterfall and beautiful flowers. 


Anyways back to the inside of my house my basement would have a IMAX 2 popcorn maker along with a set of couches and lazy boy chairs. My 2 popcorn machines would be attached to the wall alongside a set of shelves that contain chips, junk food and a mini fridge that has drinks and ice cream in it.


Having my own gaming room would have a bunch of gaming equipment like computers, gaming chairs, gaming headphones, cameras, a phone stand and LED lights surrounding the entire room. My gaming room would of course have to have a projector in case I want to see my game on a bigger screen. 

My Conclusion

Well, writing about my dream house kept thinking about how it would look in real life which helped me to find what I actually wanted in my dream house instead of just a bunch of expensive stuff that I wouldn’t use. Thank you for reading my story about my dream house. Have a nice day everyone 🙂


My About Me

Hi my name is Lilimay and I am a year 8 student at Point England school in Glen Innes Auckland. When not attending school I play video games as well. I also tend to do other hobbies that I like such as cooking, writing, art and learning about history. I am Cook Island. If you like the content I post from and about school please leave a positive comment on my blog. Have a nice day 🙂 

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