Writing Challenge

My Planning

For my six sentences I’m going to make them about Mr Goodwin making a lawsuit about how tiktok should be banned in Samoa. It will go on the news in Samoa and all over the world. 


My Writing

BREAKING NEWS a man named Mr Goodwin is putting a lawsuit against people making   tiktoks in Samoa. The people are very shocked and say that his behaviour is sour and bitter. Back to Mr Goodwin explaining why he has decided to make this lawsuit. “ I think that their content on tiktok has been a little too exuberant and needs to be taken down”. A boy, by the name of Nickolas James  has been staying in Samoa for the last 2 months and says that Mr Goodwin should drop the lawsuit against making tiktok unavailable in Samoa and says that the lawsuit is unnecessary.


Photos and words that my  writing is based off

In our writing challenge we had to use the words



– ”  ”


And here are the photos we had to included in our writing challenge

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