Month: March 2022


Once upon a time there was a boy named Sam  who was a prince. One day a witch aproached his castle and asked to stay the night. Sam answerd no and said it was not his fault that she had no home. Later on he regreted declining the old witch because she had soon cursed him to turn into an ugly beast and live like that forever.


The Samoan Community

Today for inquiry we learned about the differences and similarities about what we have in New Zealand and what the people have in Samoa. The differences that we learned about was how in Samoa there houses don’t have proper walls so they have to use tapa cloth to cover up their  house. We also learned how they have to hunt and go fishing for food and that their main source of protein is fish from the sea. In New Zealand we have a prime minister but in the samoans they have chiefs and leaders who get to decide how much food the families in their village get to have.