Term 2 – Immersion Assembly – 2022

Team 1

Today In Our Immersion assembly we got to watch all of the teachers show how their classes will be learning this term.First we watched team 1 with their wonderful performance about bees. For their visual performance Mrs Lal and Mrs Dwyer dressed up as beekeepers following a giant bee who was played by Mrs Shirley. Their reasoning behind following the giant bee to its hive so they can take some bees to their bee farm. In the end the ginormous bee saw them behind her and got very upset.

Team 2

Team 2 decided to dress up as pirates and they had a special pirate named Jolly Bee. Jolly Bee fell fast asleep and while he was asleep his friends captain jack and another friend stole his clothes and hid them away. Since Jolly Bee’s clothes were gone he had to use a compass and a map to find them. He also had some help from some students. One of the students had found Jolly Bees boots and ran away with them. So Jolly Bee had no choice but to pay him for his boots. In the end Jolly Bee learnt how to use directions to find his clothes.

Team 3

Team 3 did a competition with some students from Team 3 and team 5. They asked some questions and asked who thought they were smarter than a team 3 teacher. They also asked some questions about a learning and creating site named scratch. Most of the questions were code related and were questions on how to use and make codes.

Team 4

For team fours performance they used a shot movie to present coding using QR codes. In their movie Mrs Tuia played as a new student named Sarah who was given an Ipad to search for QR codes to help and explain where everything is located  in our school.

Team 5

I think that team fives performance was the best because we got to watch our teacher Mr Wiseman read a story about our teachers Miss Hall and Miss Elaina play two people by the names of Rachelle and Latina who were learning who to use coding and directions to control their very own robots who were played by Miss Setefano and Miss Tipene.

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