Month: June 2022

Lilimay -50/50 Form

For today’s Cyber smart class we were tasked to make our own google form and this is my form. This form only has one question that you can answer.
My Question was : Who Is Your Favorite Male Teacher In Team 5

This is the results of my google form.

If you would like to answer my form here it is :

I hope you enjoyed looking at the work I did durring cybersmart class.

Exstention Project for Term 2 2022

For Exstention today we all got put into a group of 3-4 people to decided what area we would want to work on for this term and make a mini movie about. In my group I have my 2 friends Aye and Amira. For our Mini movie we also have to choose 3-4 topics to talk about apart from our main idea. For our groups main idea we choose Before and after.