Wk2 Term 3 2022 Monday Mass Rotations Document Description

This is either the slideshow or document I made to describe/show the experience I had with my group during our mass measurement rotations that we did with our teacher Miss Stone in our home class. I hope you like my work and if you do then please leave a positive comment on my blog. This is to match my 2 other slideshows that I did.


This all seemed very fun to me since I had never experienced any type of group working while engaging with measuring. Even though I found it hard to work out the answers when measuring, I am still very happy that I got to do this with my classmates.


 Rotation Number One 

After our teacher Miss Stone explained what we were all going to be doing and why we got split up and put into groups. In my group there were two boys, Aaron year 8, and Toa year 7, as well as one year 7 girl, Swaimah. For my group’s first rotation we were tasked to measure and weigh different items in grams and ml. For our items we could choose from a book, a whiteboard marker, a “no fishing” sign from our fish tank, a hand sanitizer bottle, a pack of paper clips and a pencil. 


Rotation Number Two

After me and the rest of my group go to another table and work with measuring cups of different sized containers and getting to measure liquid, millilitres cups and litres. I admit this second rotation was very messy compared to our first rotation but we all still managed to measure all of the containers and take pictures. 


Rotation Number Three

For our third and last rotation we got to measure with more measuring cups along with an actual cup/mugh a bowl and syringes and more containers. I honestly think that this rotation was my favourite out of them all because I didn’t know that there were so many ways to measure out liquids and other stuff. 


How I felt at the end of our rotations

I feel very happy that I got to experience this with my classmates and work together to take photos and fill in the slideshow that our teacher Miss Stone made for us. I am very excited to learn more about measuring after this and will hope that I will get to experience more things like this.


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  1. Kia ora Lili May,

    I love this recount of our lesson! It was great to combine group challenges with maths and I am so glad that you enjoyed this task.

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