Day: August 13, 2022

Lilimay Area and Perimeter

This is my completed maths slideshow for this week. This maths slideshow is about measuring the area and perimeter of different shapes and explaining three equations and methods we used to get our answers. I hope you like looking through my work. even though this was very easy for me to complete it was fun getting to measure with shapes since I haven’t in a long time 😀


Lilimay Fun With Harold!

The first 3 weeks of this term our class got to see a giraffe named harold and a lady named Slyvia and learnt all about life education. This week was our last session which I wasn’t present at.

Since I am staying at home at the moment I haven’t been to school; and missed our last trip to see harold and sylvia in their life education van. 

For the 2 lessons where I was present we managed to have lots of fun and watch and learn about our brain and how our brain works and thinks even when we’re not paying attention. 

Lesson Number 1

When we first got there we all took off our shoes and went inside where we were first created and introduced to our life education teacher Slyvia. She then asked us to sit in a row of trees vertically. which we all did while our teacher sat at the back of the van and watched us. We then got into learning about the 2 different mindsets which were the fixed and growth mindset. A fixed mindset is when you only think about yourself in a very negative way where a growth mindset means that you’re accepting of your failures knowing that you can learn from your mistakes. We then watched a short video about a girl named Chloe and what her brain was processing and how us humans think more than 70,00 thoughts a day without knowing. We then all got into a pair and learnt about different parts in the brain and what they control in our bodies. 

Lesson Number 2 

For our second lesson after taking off all of our shoes and going inside we sat in the lines we were in before and said hi to Slyvia. We then watched a video of a boy whose name I forgot. We then watched him create a positive video about himself introducing himself before sending the video to his classmates. The next day in the video we can see that the boy is upset after hearing fellow students talking bad about him and mocking him which leads him to think negative thoughts about himself and make his self confidence go away. After describing how we thought of the video and how we would react if that were us, we got ta say goodbye to Slyvia and Harold before returning to our class to collect our bags and shoes, then leaving since school had ended. 


Lesson Number 3 ( I was not there)

Even though I could not attend this lesson with Harold, it was a very fun experience that I enjoyed a lot and most definitely took the opportunity to meet Harold and Sylvia again in the future. 

Here are some photos that i got from our teacher Mrs Stones room 4 blog (AKA our class blog)