Day: August 28, 2022

Lilimay Volume 2.1!

This is my slideshow of my completed work that i have finished. this was very simple and easy to complete. I like how that it was very short and easy. next time i hope it will be more hard to complete but still able for me to understand/learn, i hope you like looking through this short presentation that i did. Have a nice day everyone 😀

Lilimay Circles!

This is my finished slideshow that i did. this slideshow is how to find out the diameter,circumference and area of circles and how you can do so.and i also had to do the perimeter and area of some triangles at the end of the slideshow i hope that you enjoy looking at my work : ) Have a nice day everyone 😀

Lilimay Voluptuous Volume

This is my slideshow of the volume of 3d shapes. Even though I haven’t had much experience learning about the volume of 3d shapes this was very fun to do and learn about the timesing the number of the perimeter and area to equal the volume which is what I was looking for. I hope you enjoy looking at my completed work 🙂 Have a nice day everyone 

Lilimay Area of Triangles Poster

These are my completed maths slideshow. This maths slideshow is to show how I got my answer and measured the area of these triangles. I hope you like my work and if so then please leave a positive comment on this blog post. 😀

This is my poster that i created to match my slideshow I hope that you like it 🙂