LIteracy Note Taking

This is my not taking that we did while watching a couple videos in our literacy class. This was fun but also kinda hard for me since when writing the key words and taking notes I found it hard to write the words really fast while still listening and watching the video at the same time. I still hope you enjoy looking through it and remember to have an amazing day everyone 🙂

There are 2 note taking paragraphs because we had to watch 2 videos and 1 of the 2 videos we watched we watched it twice to see if we could pick up on any new key words that we had missed when watching and listening to the video

Keywords for Milk chocolate : Round 1 – First time noting
Milk chocolate Africa micronizer? loosen winover successful vacuum nib roast 50% cocoa butter sugar factory grinding pure chocolate liquor blends fine dry powder reliquefied conch friction heat drop depositor cooling tunnel 5 minutes temperature cover belt 10 pound depositor elevator

Keywords for Milk chocolate : Round 2 – Second time noting
Chocolate various forms retail sale cocoa butter and cocoa powder cocoa beans
west africa – 70% of chocolate beans from west africa convert belt cleaning system debree micronizer? loosen remover winover rakes screens large vacuum removing nib roasting 50% fat nib cocoa butter and sugar milk chocolate grinding pure liquid chocolate making in home ingredients dark mixer blends thick cake batter coarse smoothed refinding macchine five rollers minutes fine dry powder liquified conch friction and heat [returning liquid state disquashidy thin coating chips drop depositor conveyor belt nozzle setup cooling tunnel 5 minutes temperature zones conveyor belt belt medal 10mpound chocolate bars depositor conveyor elevator system?

Planet earth Note Taking :

Key words :
3rd planet from the sun planet earth earth live inner planet gas giants solar system first planet moon solar system 1 moon unique among liquid water surface too hot causing evaporate too cold 93milion miles away from the sun a lot of water 70% covered by water so much water 2 times more water than land the blue planet liquid water live exists only millions animal including humans atmosphere gases nitrogen and oxygen warm blanket protecting harmful raiders meteors rubbed burn goes around the sun a year 365 days to travel around the sun days rotates or spins a day 24 hours does not rotate but tilted imaginary line earth axis 23% tilted why seasons summer winter inside different from the outside different layers crust cool solid oceans laying on top of the crust underneath the mantel moult and rock or magma through volcanoes core temperature of thousands of degree made from iron and nickel solid earth is important 7 billion people live on earth entire universe take care of the planet we have

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