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Exstention Project for Term 2 2022

For Exstention today we all got put into a group of 3-4 people to decided what area we would want to work on for this term and make a mini movie about. In my group I have my 2 friends Aye and Amira. For our Mini movie we also have to choose 3-4 topics to talk about apart from our main idea. For our groups main idea we choose Before and after.

Shreks About Me

Today we had to write an about me about shrek in a positive way for our cybersmart work that we did with Mr Goodwin.

Hi My Name is Shrek and this is my blog. My Name is Shrek and  I live in a swamp in the kingdom far far away. I live alone. My best friend is a donkey named Donkey. I am also  the only ogre that lives in the kingdom of far far away. I am a green skinned Ogre. I have very big fists and have really long ears. I like being left alone, otherwise I like to hang out with my best friend Donkey. I also like to eat rats and bugs.  I like to relax and have a mud bath and brush my teeth with my special bug paste on a twig which I call my toothbrush. 


Lilimay Stick Figure Walk Animation

Today in cyber smart class we were asked to make a stick figure walking animation.

This is my walking animation that i made today in cyber smart with Mr. Goodwin.

I hope you enjoy my animation as much as i do.

=) Have a nice day everyone =)