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Rm 1 Local Delicacy Tasting

Date : 28/07/22

This is my descriptive writing about the sour lollies we tasted today during literacy in room 1. I hope you like my writing and the video I made to show me tasting it.


Tasting a local delicacy from queenstown

At first I thought it was a truffle because it felt hard and I could feel powder around the outside.  Which I thought was coconut shaving. When I smelt it it smelt like raspberry so I thought it had dried berries on the inside. After feeling it some more I tried to squash it but I couldn’t. When we were finally able to taste it and it hit my tongue I nearly cried because of how sour it was to the point where it burnt my tongue. After all of the sour sugar coating disentagraded it tasted like a very sweet blue raspberry lollie. Mr Moran said that he bought it from a shop in Queenstown named Remarkable sweet shop and that the lollie we had just tried was the most sour lolly in New Zealand. 


I also made a video of me tasting the lolly.