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Mount Wellington: Before and After

This is my before and after representation of what I think Mount Wellington looked like before people came to New Zealand, and also what I think Mount Wellington will look like in the future. For the before part, I drew the mountain with a bush and a tree to show how much more nature grew in the past and I also drew a house to show what I think will happen to Mount Wellington in the future. One of the main reasons why I drew a house is because I know that the population of people is rising in New Zealand and in the world so I think that in the future that they will build houses on top of Mount Wellington.

Shreks About Me

Today we had to write an about me about shrek in a positive way for our cybersmart work that we did with Mr Goodwin.

Hi My Name is Shrek and this is my blog. My Name is Shrek and  I live in a swamp in the kingdom far far away. I live alone. My best friend is a donkey named Donkey. I am also  the only ogre that lives in the kingdom of far far away. I am a green skinned Ogre. I have very big fists and have really long ears. I like being left alone, otherwise I like to hang out with my best friend Donkey. I also like to eat rats and bugs.  I like to relax and have a mud bath and brush my teeth with my special bug paste on a twig which I call my toothbrush.