Tag: Week 2

Lilimay Health Fixed vs Growth Mindset

For today’s Mitey Lesson we ended up learning about Health Fixed vs Growth Mindset and how we can relate to some situations in our personal life. I found this lesson very helpful and easy to complete. I hope you enjoy looking at my work and remember to have an amazing day everyone 🙂

What I did during the weekend :)

This is a  really short paragraph about what I got up to during the weekend other than going to a jack hollow concert out west at The Trusts Arena.


During the weekend I got to watch 2 scary/horror movies with my family such as the movie “ GET OUT” and another movie named “ The Black Phone” 


I’m not going to talk that much about the movies I watched mostly because I forgot what happened but I would definitely recommend both of these movies to people who are into horror/creepy movies. They are both eternally scary to me but then again I’m not that into scary movies so it doesn’t really bother me at the end of the day.


If you like my writing and would like me to write more about the both of these movies then please let me know : )