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Rm 4 Wk1 Term 3 Monday 2022 Games – Half Pipe Game

This is the writing I did on Monday that I forgot to post. This writing is about the games we played after our Immersion assembly with our school. I hope you like my writing and if you do then please leave a positive comment on this post 🙂

Half pipe game 

Mouse wheel game 

Tarp  Flip Game 

Writing :

Half Pipe Game 

Me and the whole of room 4 with Miss Stone went to the hall to play some fun games.

The first game we played was the half pipe game which is where you have to work with your classmates and connect half pipes in a line so that when you put a pingpong ball it will go all the way to the other side.

Wk1 Term 3 Immersion Assembly

This is my writing about what happend at my schools Immersion Assembly this morning.


Today when I came back to school our school had our first assembly of term 3 which is an Immersion Assembly where all of our teachers work together to create videos and presentations to show what their classes are going to learn about based off of our topic for this term which is Art Works.


Team 1 

For team 1s presentation 3 of the teachers painted a person with paint that they thought matched the colour of the mood throughout the day.


Team 2 

Team 2 Drew self portraits with shapes while a video of them explaining what they were doing was playing in the background.

Team 3 

Team 3 the teachers showed a video of there teachers lip syncing and dancing to 

Disney princes theme songs such as Beauty & The Beast and Frozen. 

Team 4

Showed the different ways they express themselves and how certain things make them feel.

Like how Miss Tuia danced to island songs.


Team 5

Team 5 Which is the team i’m in put on a show/play and played out beauty and the beast where the beast and belle are dancing together. My teacher Miss Stone played as a candle whil Miss Tipene played as the teapot while Mr Wisemen played as Belle and Mr Moran played as the beast in a dog onesie.