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Willow Park School Trip

Yesterday We went to Willow Park for a school trip. We got driven to Willow Park in a school bus. The drive to Willow Park was 24 minutes to get from our school to Willow park. When we first got to wilklow park we got to have free time and go check out the rex centre. The rec centre has carpet flooring and 3 ginormous basketball hoops and in the middle there was a giant volleyball net. Other than that they also had a golf park which we sadly did not get to visit. Outside of the golf park there were 6 small trampolines in a straight line. Well we had free time me and my friend Lynch ate our snacks that we brang for the willow park trip. After me and Lynch were done eating some snacks we went and walked back to where everyone was sittings because we were going to eat morning tea. For morning tea at willow park we got to eat these mini quiches that had eggs and spinach in them. And then later we went to the beach across willow park. After we went to the beach we ate lunch. For Lunch we ate some yummy hot dogs. My favourite thing at willow park was having fun.